prettyredhearts (prettyredhearts) wrote,

Hopefully never a "next time" - but if there is:

Dear Emily,

This is yourself, writing you from a place of clarity.

Don’t do this. Don’t risk everything because this moment feels like it might be different than it should be.

You have the mean reds. You’re afraid and you don’t know what you’re afraid of. You haven’t been able to control yourself, and you’re only going to hurt yourself in the long run if you continue down this destructive path.

When you man pulls back, it’s because he does need space. Give it to him, no matter how hard it feels for you to resist your cravings.

Show him you love him by showering him with space. Support him with positive energy and he will show you affection when he feels he can support you with his own.

Remember how he treats you when you let him approach you from a distance. You can hold your hand out without rushing towards him. He is a cat. Let him be alone and he’ll come back to cuddle up.

Give him that time. Give him that space. Let him succeed the way he wants to on his own and you will be a happier woman.

You can be separate people and love each other, too. How BEAUTIFUL to find someone who lets you be alone and gives you the chance to love YOURSELF.

So EXHALE. And listen to me, goddamnit! You are not Carrie Bradshaw, so pull yourself together and go to Tiffany’s if you need to feel like you “belong” somewhere and have someone to take care of you, but this is not your life to ruin. It’s also mine.

So stop fucking this up for me.

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